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Stanislav Vdovin
Initial Run discography

Worn Hood, Initial Run – Mannequins In The Mall, Casualties Of Dusk
Mannequins In The Mall, Casualties Of Dusk /
Digital EP, Synthetic Heart, 2021

Reflection on social themes is the next turning point.
Initial Run – The Big Picture
The Big Picture /
Digital single, Synthetic Heart, 2012

Filled to the brim with synthesizer lines, The Big Picture speaks without hesitation.
Initial Run – Star Dog
Star Dog /
Digital EP, Synthetic Heart, 2012

Take a ride on a Star Dog and see where you can get.
Initial Run – Wax And Coffee
Wax And Coffee /
Digital EP, Synthetic Heart, 2012

Experimental and dry techno extracts raise their peaks to a ceiling.
Aliases & Collaborations

Stanislav Vdovin

Worn Hood

Initial Run

Unit 21

Sleepy Town Manufacture & Unit 21

Olga Shaydullina & Stanislav Vdovin

Lou & Stanislav Vdovin

Sonia Skobeleva & Stanislav Vdovin

Initial Run is focused on atmospheric techno, seasoned with acid.

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