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Stanislav Vdovin
Stanislav Vdovin discography

Stanislav Vdovin – Echo In The Silence
Echo In The Silence /
Digital EP, Occasion, 2024

Small collection of ambient tracks from the second decade of the century.
Stanislav Vdovin – Wake Me Up When It's Gone
Wake Me Up When It's Gone /
CD & digital album, Anodize, Occasion, 2014

Far from somnambulant, the music presides over sentient landscapes that recall the classic throb of numerous 90s Mille Plateaux sides as much as the push-pull ambience of classic FAX.
Stanislav Vdovin – Live For Food And Culture
Live For Food And Culture /
Digital album, Occasion, 2011

There are only 4 tracks left in this revisited version, compiled from different record takes.
Stanislav Vdovin – December Remixes
December Remixes /
CDr + digital album, Occasion, 2011

The album compiled as logical as possible contains remixes by Darren McClure, moroza_knozova, and others. In comparison with original versions from the album December24 these remixes sound more loose.
Stanislav Vdovin – Countless Efforts
Countless Efforts /
Digital EP, Occasion, 2010

Good bargain for ambient techno fans, four-track EP with a remix by Sleepy Town Manufacture.
Stanislav Vdovin – Made Of Cloth And Feather
Made Of Cloth And Feather /
CDr + digital album, Occasion, 2010

Inspired by Thomas Brinkmannís response about magic in the beatless hooks Stanislav Vdovin continues his research in the field of dense sounding from the point where the album December24 has ended.
Stanislav Vdovin – Second Variety
Second Variety /
CDr + digital single, Occasion, 2010

Overcast off-season sky, merged with the horizon, causes zero visibility. Only somewhere in the middle a flashlight can be barely seen, telling us about the near sea. The name Second Variety refers to short story by Philip K. Dick first published in 1953.
Stanislav Vdovin – Rapid And Tired
Rapid And Tired /
CDr + digital EP, Rat Hole, 2009

Melancholic and swift, mini album with the concept of moving. Images of trees, sweeping past in a train window, old things not associated with each other are all sounds of shadowy past.
Stanislav Vdovin – December24 / December Drone
December24 / December Drone /
CDr album + digital single, Rat Hole, Occasion, 2008 – 2009

Clear frosty mornings, short and quiet days, evenings with 4 pm sunsets, and long, numb nights. It is about watching the course of time through dusty window pane, staying warm and comfortable.
Stanislav Vdovin – December LP
December LP /
Digital album, 3rd Wave Music, 2009

Dancefloor version of December24 with 4 common tracks. The rest 3 tracks are rhythmic ones unlike contemplative bonus drone, appeared on December24.
Aliases & Collaborations

Stanislav Vdovin

Worn Hood

Initial Run

Unit 21

Sleepy Town Manufacture & Unit 21

Olga Shaydullina & Stanislav Vdovin

Lou & Stanislav Vdovin

Sonia Skobeleva & Stanislav Vdovin

Under his autonym Stanislav Vdovin releases ambient in diverse forms.

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