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Stanislav Vdovin
Olga Shaydullina & Stanislav Vdovin discography | Magic Carpet

Magic Carpet /
CDr & digital album, Occasion, 2012

This album of the duo recreates the fantastic atmosphere of the past epochs. Magic carpet, a medieval tavern, the myth of a winged horse, and a Russian fairy tale about the mouse all these images once again appear in front of the listener.

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Aliases & Collaborations

Stanislav Vdovin

Worn Hood

Initial Run

Unit 21

Sleepy Town Manufacture & Unit 21

Olga Shaydullina & Stanislav Vdovin

Lou & Stanislav Vdovin

Sonia Skobeleva & Stanislav Vdovin

Olga Shaydullina & Stanislav Vdovin is an electroacoustic duo. They perform live, using a wide spectrum of ethnic instruments in combination with sampling & processing in AudioMulch.