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Stanislav Vdovin
Olga Shaydullina & Stanislav Vdovin discography | Magic Theatre

Magic Theatre /
CDr & digital album, Occasion, 2016

This record can be treated as a long trailer for the movie Shen Nu (The Goddess) by Yonggang Wu (1934). It reflects the most convincing parts of improvised performance by the duo occurred in theatrical space in Moscow (2015).

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FdW, Vital Weekly #1046

«It has been a while since I last heard music by Stanislav Vdovin from Russia (see Vital Weekly 579, 734 and 761) and I have no idea why we didn't hear from him in the years in between, but the reason might be that he releases quite some music in digital format only. He released music before with Olga Shaydullina, of whom I don't know anything other than that she plays the piano, at least on a previous collaboration with Vdovin. At least that's what she did before. I am not sure if that is what she does here, but it could very well that Vdovin transform her piano playing. The very black cover with black ink isn't very clear about this. In the old days Vdovin sounded like Gas and glitch ambient, but on this new release his music is less to define within the boundaries of single categorization. One could say that it digital processes applied here are not unlike that of musique concrete but that the outcome is more towards the world of ambient music, and yet it's never drone like. In the thirty-six minute that is 'Magic Theatre', the only piece on this release, there is certain mystique ringing through these sounds. I believe to hear bells, flutes, drones, and maybe a hint of percussion. It has that tribal/ritualistik feel to it that I am not particularly fond off. The music wasn't bad but sounded also a bit vague and nondescript, like it was hinting towards some sort of ritual in a dark forest, but we are not invited to know what this is.»
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Stanislav Vdovin

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Olga Shaydullina & Stanislav Vdovin is an electroacoustic duo. They perform live, using a wide spectrum of ethnic instruments in combination with sampling & processing in AudioMulch.